Silicon Carbide Parts (CVD-SiC)

Temperature Controlling Semiconductors (Peltier Elements)

Our proprietary SiC film formation technology by the CVD method provides products are low cost while having high quality characteristics.

Ultra-High Purity, High Heat Resistance and High Wear Resistance Silicon Carbide Products from Original CVD Production Method

Ferrotec’s Admap SiC products are made with unique CVD-SiC technology, which has been cultivated for over 30 years. These materials have the characteristics of ultra-high purity, high corrosion resistance, high oxidation resistance, high heat resistance, and high wear resistance. It is now indispensable for semiconductor manufacturing, which requires such characteristics at low cost.

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If you’re looking for more about Ferrotec’s Silicon Carbide products, you can find more detailed information on Ferrotec’s Advanced Ceramics web site. On the site, you’ll find a comprehensive resource, along with technical information about the specific product lines.

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ADMAP’s SiC products are founded in the proprietary CVD-SiC manufacturing technology developed by MES. Our products offer ultra-high purity, high anti-corrosiveness, high oxidation resistance, high heat resistance, and high wear resistance.

Solid CVD-SiC product manufacturing technology

Applying coating technology, we offer products constructed solely from dense SiC film structures. This technology can be applied to a wide variety of applications, from flat plates to complex structures. We have vast experience applying this technology in difficult operating environments, including semiconductor manufacturing equipment utilizing ultra-high temperatures and plasma.


Centered on our proprietary CVD-SiC technology, we combine the analytical and design capabilities to become involved in projects from their inception in order to provide the best possible solution.

Solution examples

  • Large-scale parts development for a high-temperature annealing device (boat, holder, nozzle)
  • Developed narrow-pitch film cassette boat
  • Ultra-high purity SiC powder material
  • Larger parts for next generation

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