Markets That Use Ferrotec Solutions

Ferrotec solutions are used in some of the most demanding precision applications. Globally, we supply a broad array of diverse industries, and our products are used a range of products. As the technologies within these markets evolve, emerging application requirements often bring new opportunities for solutions that have not been used in that market.

As a global leader, Ferrotec has developed an extensive list of resources and information about the applications and markets that we participate in. This section also includes links to industry resources that you may find useful.

Semiconductor Manufacturing

From raw material growth to photolithography to assembly and testing, Ferrotec solutions are used extensively throughout the process of manufacturing integrated circuits.

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Vacuum Process Manufacturing

Manufacturing in a vacuum environment requires an expertise in materials, outgassing, and environmental purity. With our solid reputation for providing vacuum process manufacturing solutions, Ferrotec is recognized throughout the industry.

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Solutions for Thin Film Coating Applications

From anti-glare lenses to optical coatings for industrial glass, electron beam evaportion is widely used to apply thin film coatings. Ferrotec works with the leading optical companies and thin film coating suppliers, delivering specialized technology solutions for this established industry.

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Photovoltaics and PV Manufacturing

The market for photovoltaics is growing rapidly. Photovoltaic material is used in solar cells and emerging alternative energy technologies. Ferrotec offers a number of products and solutions that are optimized for the unique requirements of PV manufacturing, helping drive innovation in this high-growth market.

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Opto-electrics, Laser, and Infrared Applications

Lasers, light, and optical components are used in systems ranging from scientific instruments and microscopes to digital cameras and guidance functions in security and survellance systems. Ferrotec opto-electronics solutions enable better clarity, precision, and accuracy.

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Bio-medical Applications and Industries

Today’s life science and healthcare industries combine medicine and biology with state-of-the-art technology. From semiconductor processes and nanotechnology to precision detection, Ferrotec products are used in systems ranging from drug discovery to patient care.

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