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Thin Film Coating Component Solutions

Ferrotec’s MeiVac group is an industry leader in providing high-quality thin film manufacturing systems, components and process solutions. Ferrotec’s MeiVac group manufactures vacuum process components, including evaporation sources, sputter sources, substrate heaters, and throttle valves. MeiVac thin film component products are the right choice for your process with a full range of standard and custom configurations.

Component Solutions for Thin Film Coating

Ferrotec’s MeiVac group manufactures industry leading vacuum process components, including evaporation sources, sputter sources, substrate heaters, and throttle valves.

Ferrotec MeiVac Microsite

If you’re looking for more about Ferrotec’s MeiVac thin film coating components, you can find more detailed information on Ferrotec’s MeiVac web site. On the MeiVac site, you’ll find a comprehensive resource, along with technical information about the specific product lines.

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AQUA-LOK Cryogenic Water Pump

Discerning customers demand better performance, using less resources for today’s product innovations. MeiVac introduces the AQUA-LOK Cryogenic Water Pump with exactly that thought in mind. Users can achieve up to 80% faster pump-down time using less energy and requiring a smaller cleanroom footprint than traditional compressor driven pumps.

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Vari-Q Throttle Valves & Accessories

The unique counter rotating vane design of the MeiVac Vari-Q throttle valve provides for superior linear control of your process pressure. These valves are highly repeatable and have proven to be a reliable component which often times will last longer than the systems where they are installed.

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MAK Sputter Sources & Accessories

MeiVac is a leading manufacturer of planar magnetron sputter sources, offering a wide range of standard and custom sources to meet many different application requirements. We are a one-stop shop for complete sputter deposition packages.

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e-Vap® E-Beam Evaporation Sources & Accessories

MeiVac offers a complete line of electron beam evaporation products. From miniature research sources to 400cc industrial sources. We also have a complete line of power supplies, controls and accessories. Everything you need to set up your evaporation system from one source.

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Re-Vap™ Resistive Evaporation Sources & Accessories

Re-Vap™ resistive evaporation sources are the ideal platform for your thermal evaporation tool. Stable temperatures up to 1,800˚C can be routinely reached with our selection of matched elements. These complete source kits come with everything you need to install into your system. Add a MeiVac matched power supply to complete your coating process.

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HTR Substrate Heaters & Accessories

MeiVac manufactures high-temperature resistive substrate heaters for heating samples or wafers to 950°C with superior uniformity. 2 & 3″ sample heaters and 2, 4, & 6″ wafer specific heaters are used for many deposition techniques.

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Power Supplies for MAK, e-Vap & Re-Vap sources

Ferrotec MeiVac Power Supplies are the perfect solution for modern coating systems. From DC and RF power supplies for MAK sputtering to the advanced power supplies for e-Vap and Re-Vap systems, Ferrotec MeiVac power supplies are designed to match your process requirements.

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Monitors & Controllers

Ferrotec MeiVac offers a complete line of monitors and controls, including crystal rate monitors, crystal rate controllers, sweep controls and pocket indexers. They offer simple integration with our sources and power supplies for a complete coating package.

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