FerroTec Acquires Integrated Materials, Inc.

Adds SiFusion Materials and Process Technology to Line of Advanced Materials for Semiconductor Manufacturing.

Santa Clara, CA USA—Ferrotec (USA) Corporation, a global supplier of materials, components, and precision system solutions, today announced that it has expanded its offering of advanced materials for semiconductor manufacturing with the purchase of Integrated Materials, Inc. and its patented SiFusionTM process for manufacturing poly silicon furnaceware. SiFusion materials will complement Ferrotec’s existing line of advanced materials for semiconductor manufacturing that include fabricated quartzware and advanced ceramics.

SiFusion technology overcomes the yield, cost and environmental barriers associated with traditional semiconductor thermal process consumables. Using the same material as the wafer itself, SiFusion’s pure poly silicon furnaceware reduces exposure to process contaminants. By reducing process contaminants, SiFusion significantly cuts requirements for system maintenance and consumable replacement, lowering overall total cost of ownership while improving yields.

“As Ferrotec continues to expand our line of advanced materials for semiconductor manufacturing, we maintain our commitment to precision manufacturing and process technologies that improve our customers’ products and yields,” said Eiji Miyanaga, president and CEO of Ferrotec (USA) Corporation. “With the addition of SiFusion patented furnaceware technology to our line of high-purity advanced materials for semiconductor manufacturing, we expect to significantly expand the adoption of this unique solution.”

“Our patented SiFusion process for fabricating poly silicon furnaceware has delivered significant value to our growing list of satisfied customers, but as a start-up we have wrestled with resource and infrastructure challenges that have limited our ability to grow,” said Dan Rubin, president and CEO of Integrated Materials, Inc. “With Ferrotec’s extensive material fabrication infrastructure, its strong global footprint and its reputation with the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers and OEMs, we expect significant acceleration for our market acceptance and growth.”

The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

More About Ferrotec
Founded in 1980, Ferrotec Corporation (JASDAQ: 6890 (OTC) is a worldwide leader in the supply of materials, components, and precision system solutions for businesses and products.

More about Integrated Materials, Inc.
Integrated Materials, a silicon science and technology company, is dedicated to advancing semiconductor manufacturing through improved technologies and processes. Its SiFusionTM technology enables the first pure poly silicon furnaceware, a breakthrough solution for front-end thermal processes. Prior to this acquisition, Integrated Materials had several Venture Capital investors including Alloy Ventures (www.alloyventures.com), American River Ventures (www.arventures.com), and Labrador Ventures (www.labrador.com). For more information about Integrated Materials or SiFusion, visit the company’s web site at www.sifusion.com.