Ferrotec Acquires the Temescal Division of Edwards Vacuum

Livermore, CA, USA—Ferrotec (USA) Corporation, a global supplier of materials, components, and precision system solutions, today announced that it has purchased the Temescal Division of Edwards Vacuum, Inc.

Temescal, originally founded in 1952, is the leading manufacturer of electron beam-based evaporative coating systems with the largest install base of metallization tools addressing a broad range of materials used in the compound semiconductor industry. Key applications for compound semiconductor include cellular, satellite/cable TV, specialized opto-electronics, as well as the fast growing full-spectrum LED and solid-state lighting.

“As Ferrotec continues to expand support for evaporative coating markets, we expect this acquisition to have strategic and synergistic importance,” said Eiji Miyanaga, president of Ferrotec (USA) Corporation. “By combining Temescal’s deposition process and system engineering expertise with our complementary technology portfolio and our strong global position in the semiconductor industry, we intend to bring an enhanced product offering and play an increased role in the rapidly growing compound semiconductor market.”

More information about Temescal products and the transition can be found at www.temescal.net.