Ferrotec Introduces Advanced Magnetic Nano Particles To In-Vitro Diagnostic Researchers and Engineers

Tokyo, Japan—Ferrotec Corporation (JASDAQ: 6890 (OTC)), a global supplier of materials, components, and precision system solutions and the industry leader in producing nano-scale ferrofluids, today announced the introduction of the Magnetic Nano Particles (MNP) Developer’s Kit, a set of solutions that are specially suited for synthesis of microbeads used for in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) applications. With the capability of significantly increasing the microbead surface area, Ferrotec’s MNP products enable improved responsiveness, accuracy, and specificity for IVD applications like immunoassays, bio-separations, and molecular diagnostics.

Superparamagnetic polymer microbeads are used in many of today’s most advanced biotechnology and life science processes. Coated with material that traps target elements like antibodies, DNA, or proteins and then enables the surrounding materials to be washed away, microbeads are used in genomics, proteomics, and many diagnostic techniques. At the heart of these tiny beads are magnetic particles that shape the bead’s performance. The Ferrotec MNP Developer’s Kit is a collection of seven samples of nano particle suspensions that are optimized for synthesizing microbead polymers with different performance characteristics.

“With over 25 years of experience in producing nano-scale ferrofluids for a variety of industrial and technology applications, Ferrotec is recognized for its pioneering work with high-quality particle suspensions. With the MNP Developer’s Kit, we’re leveraging our advanced particle technology expertise to enable core improvements the fields of biotechnology, life science, and diagnostic healthcare,” said Shiro Tsuda, general manager of the Ferrofluid division of Ferrotec Corporation. “Ferrotec’s MNP Developer’s Kit provides diagnostic researchers and engineers with nano-scale particle solutions with performance characteristics previously unavailable in the life sciences industry for microbeads with dramatically improved receptor attachment.”

The MNP Developer’s Kit includes samples of four types of surface-treated dry particles, two types of water-based ferrofluids and bare particles in aqueous suspension. All particles in the kit are very small (typically 10 nm), chemically iron oxide, and superparamagnetic in nature.

The MNP Developer’s Kit offers an excellent entry point for the bio-medical application developer. While the MNP Developer’s Kit contains evaluation quantities of Ferrotec’s nano-scale ferrofluids, the company can work closely with application developers to optimize particle formulations, and Ferrotec has an established history of adapting Ferrofluid solutions to unique application demands.