Ferrotec Introduces New Electron Beam Evaporation Solutions at Society of Vacuum Coaters Conference

Washington DC—Ferrotec (USA) Corporation, a global supplier of materials, components, precision system solutions, and a worldwide leader in electron beam evaporation solutions, today announced the introduction of two new major upgrade options for electron beam evaporation system users, the EV M-10 and the new high-performance e-beam emitter. The EV M-10 is a high-capacity multi-hearth e-beam source, a versatile new evaporation platform for large-volume vacuum chambers. Ferrotec’s new high-performance e-beam emitter design is a streamlined component upgrade that delivers enhanced performance, reliability and system serviceability.

“As a market leader for precision electron beam evaporation systems, Ferrotec is transforming the coating system market with solutions that deliver unprecedented features, performance, and value,” said Jürgen Pfâhler, General Manager of the Vacuum Solutions Division for Ferrotec GmbH. “From the EV M-10 high capacity e-beam source to Ferrotec’s new emitter design, our new e-beam products integrate key improvements that our customers have been requesting.”

Typically used for optical coating, electronic, and high-rate deposition processes, electron beam evaporation systems use high-voltage (typically 10,000V/500mA) and high-current (typically 50A/12V) to vaporize metals. When the vaporized metal condenses on a substrate, it forms a thin film coating that can provide scratch resistance, optical filtering, or other unique performance characteristics. Ferrotec’s new EV M-10 e-beam source—the assembled subsystem where the evaporation process takes place—is optimized for volume e-beam coating applications with an integrated multi-hearth drive-thru assembly that incorporates optical positioning and water-cooling, large-capacity crucibles, and flexible support for customer-specified crucible designs. The EV M-10 also delivers enhanced operational performance with Ferrotec’s new proprietary High Accuracy Magnetic Field Modeling technology for increased e-beam precision with smaller spot size and improved beam impact angle.

Ferrotec’s new high-performance e-beam emitter is an enhanced solution for existing Ferrotec customers and some third-party system users. Designed to provide longer filament life and to eliminate some of the hassles traditionally associated with replacing the filament, Ferrotec’s new e-beam emitter uses a streamlined solid ceramic block design with 50% fewer parts than conventional designs. Because the new design reduces mechanical variations, customers can get up to twice the filament life compared to Ferrotec’s current e-beam emitter design.

Specification information for the Ferrotec EV M-10 can be found using this link to the vacuum coating product page of the Ferrotec web site.

Pricing and Availability

The EV M-10 and the new e-beam emitter are available now. Both products can be purchased directly from Ferrotec and through the company’s network of electron beam evaporation sales representatives. For sales inquiries, contact a Ferrotec vacuum solutions sales representative.