Ferrotec Receives Multi-system Endorsement of Temescal Electron-Beam Evaporator Systems from WIN Semiconductors Corporation

Leader of GaAs Foundry Launches New Growth Phase with Long Term Supplier Ferrotec

Santa Clara, CA USA Ferrotec Corporation (JASDAQ: 6890) today announces that the largest pure-play GaAs foundry company, WIN Semiconductors Corp., has selected Temescal systems from Ferrotec Corporation for its next stage of expansion by ordering multiple e-beam evaporators for metal deposition. A total of $8.4M in orders for Auratus enhanced UEFC series Temescal systems have been placed in 2015.

Since WIN’s inception in 1999, Temescal systems have been WIN’s preferred e-beam system. With their latest third fab expansion, WIN has selected multiple Auratus enhanced deposition systems, Ferrotec newest generation of patented Temescal UEFC series evaporators employing contact free, magnetic drive High Uniformity Lift-off Assembly (HULA) wafer carriers for the manufacturing of HBT (Heterojunction Bipolar) and pHEMT (Pseudomorphic High Electron Mobility) transistors. The superior COO (Cost of Ownership) of Ferrotec’s systems with patented HULA planetary rotating domes and conic chambers are key factors for the selection of the Temescal systems.

“Continued growth of mobile devices and those advances supporting the Internet of Things (IoT) provide WIN with a good market platform for this next phase of growth. With approximately 60% of market share in GaAs foundry, WIN has the proven track record of manufacturing GaAs and GaN devices with highly complex designs,” said Steve Chen, Senior Vice President of WIN. “Likewise with Temescal systems representing over 60% of e-beam evaporator market share in the GaAs market, Ferrotec is also a leader that has demonstrated innovative technologies to address the technical requirements of GaAs device manufacturers. It is therefore natural for the leader of the GaAs foundry business to select the forward-looking Ferrotec for the highly demanding work of meeting the increasingly sophisticated wireless and IoT markets.”

“We are dedicated to addressing the most critical issues in e-beam evaporation.” Said Gregg Wallace, Managing Director of Temescal Systems at Ferrotec. “Ferrotec’s award winning Temescal systems are built upon a solid history of over 300 patents and achieve superior performance in uniformity, stoichiometry and particulate control while offering the highest material collection efficiency. Ferrotec is very proud to be the primary evaporator supplier in WIN’s third fab expansion.”

More information about Temescal system products from Ferrotec can be found at www.temescal.net.