Ferrotec Updates Line-up of Peltier Coolers for Thermal Cycling

Hannover, Germany—Ferrotec Corporation, a global supplier of materials, components, precision systems, and a worldwide leader in thermoelectric cooling solutions, today announced that it has updated it’s line of peltier coolers for thermal cycling applications with the integration of new TMC-series extended life thermoelectric modules from SCTB NORD. Designed for unparalleled durability under the intense stresses associated with repeated temperature cycling, the TMC-series of peltier coolers uses unique technology to offer thermal cycling system manufacturers increased reliability, performance and value.

Typically used in systems for scientific and molecular diagnostic applications such as PCR testing, peltier coolers enable these specialized systems to rapidly transition through a series of temperatures where DNA strands separate and regroup. These temperature changes expose a peltier cooler to demanding physical stresses as the module shifts from heating to cooling, significantly reducing the operational life of a standard TEC. Designed for optimal performance under these stresses, the TMC-series uses specialized materials and unique manufacturing technology to significantly increase module durability and performance.

“As a leading supplier of peltier coolers for thermal cycling systems, Ferrotec understands how even small improvements in durability and performance can deliver significant benefits in our customers’ systems. Our internal tests showed significantly longer lifespan with TMC series modules compared to competitive solutions during extremely intense temperature cycling tests, setting new benchmarks with unparalleled performance,” said Erik Mankarios, General Manager of Thermal Solutions for Ferrotec (USA) Corporation. “Now, with the addition of the TMC-series of thermal cycling modules to Ferrotec’s standard TEC line-up, thermal cycling manufacturers have access to this new level of performance and durability.”

TMC-series modules are specifically designed for the stresses of thermal cycling. By combining some of the industry’s most advanced thermoelectric materials with unique manufacturing technology for improved thermal cycling stability, TMC-series modules deliver exceptional thermal cycling durability. For increased flexibility and system optimization, TMC-series modules are available in M and MM variations, with the M-series offering better performance and the MM-series offering maximum thermal cycling durability.

More Information about Ferrotec’s TMC-series modules can be found on the Thermal-Cycling Modules product page.