International Consortium for Advanced Manufacturing Research (ICAMR) Places Order for Ferrotec’s Temescal UEFC-4900 Electron Beam Metallization System

New Temescal UEFC-4900 brings Auratus™ Deposition Process Enhancement Methodology Benefits to manufacturing devices for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Livermore, CA USA — 01-25-2017 — Ferrotec Corporation, a global supplier of materials, components, and precision system solutions and the leading manufacturer of electron beam evaporative coating systems, announced that the International Consortium for Advanced Manufacturing Research (ICAMR) has ordered Temescal’s UEFC-4900 Electron Beam Evaporation System to support its momentum in capturing a part of the next-generation sensor-driven economy.

The International Consortium for Advanced Manufacturing Research (ICAMR), based in Osceola County, Florida, is an industry-friendly consortium that works with leading global companies to facilitate connections between innovation and industry, giving industry easy and cost-effective access to new technologies – thus bridging the innovation development gap that makes transformation possible.

ICAMR has an open innovation platform developing next-generation, high performance solid state devices — advanced sensors, photonic devices, 3D integration, and other semiconductor products — and focuses on the development of innovative manufacturing-based materials, processes, and equipment by leveraging unique emerging technologies and background intellectual property. ICAMR expects to establish advanced lab/fab and universal technology platforms with the economy of scale needed for cost-effective manufacturing. According to ICAMR, the patented award winning evaporation systems were ordered based on the UEFC-4900’s benefits of the Auratus™ Deposition Process Enhancement Methodology, including near-perfect uniformity and reduction in material consumption.

“Our technology roadmap for high volume production of next generation sensor technology and other advanced devices supporting the future of the defense market and the consumer Internet of Things (IoT) dictates that we meet the requirements for smart manufacturing for flexibility, scalability and competitiveness,” said Dan Holladay, executive director of operations and technology Programs at ICAMR. “Temescal’s UF4900 systems ensure we can achieve improved wafer uniformity, reduced operating expenses, increased productivity and process flexibility to manage devices of now and the future.”

“We are dedicated to addressing the most critical issues in e-beam evaporation,” said Gregg Wallace, managing director of Temescal Systems at Ferrotec. “Ferrotec’s award winning Temescal systems are built upon a solid history of over 300 patents and achieve superior performance in uniformity, stoichiometry and particulate control while offering the highest material collection efficiency. Ferrotec is very proud to be the primary evaporator supplier for ICAMR.”

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