Liangdongxin Microelectronics Orders First Temescal UEFC Series Evaporator in China from Ferrotec

Chinese Largest Schottky Solar IC Company Brings Auratus Deposition Process Enhancement Methodology to its New Venture in GaAs Foundry

Santa Clara, CA USA — 04-11-2016 — Ferrotec Corporation (JASDAQ: 6890) today confirms that a Temescal UEFC series evaporator, the first Auratus Enhanced system to be installed in China, will be delivered to Hangzhou Liangdongxin Microelectronics. Hangzhou Liangdongxin Microelectronics was established by Hangzhou Li-On Microelectronics, the leading supplier of power semiconductors in China, as a provider of GaAs foundry service in China. With the addition of the Temescal UEFC system to the Liangdongxin foundry, their customers will benefit from near-perfect uniformity and reduced material consumption.

“With the growth of mobile devices in China and the expansion of IoT (Internet of Things), the demand for next generation of semiconductor devices based on the GaAs material is growing. To ensure the success of our new GaAs foundry, we need a tool that could deliver high production throughput, consistent process uniformity, and operational efficiency to minimize our total cost of ownership,” said Dr. William Wang, Chief Operating Officer of Liangdongxin. “After a rigorous evaluation process, we concluded that Ferrotec’s Temescal UEFC system is the best evaporator in meeting our specifications for thickness, composition and particulate control and we look forward to the high performance devices we will be able to produce on this system.”

“The Chinese government has committed to becoming more self-sufficient in the manufacturing of semiconductor devices, and Hangzhou Liangdongxin Microelectronics’ new GaAs based foundry will enable the production of leading-edge devices that power mobile and IoT. Ferrotec’s Temescal UEFC evaporator is a workhorse in the production of compound semiconductor devices and our Auratus Deposition Process Enhancement Methodology delivers unmatched product quality and operating efficiency,” said Gregg Wallace, Managing Director of Temescal Systems at Ferrotec. “We look forward to strong growth from Hangzhou Liangdongxin Microelectronics and this tool will be an exceptional fit with their expanding GaAs foundry business.”

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In China, Ferrotec’s Temescal evaporators are supported by long time representative MPS (Micro-Power Scientific Corporation) which has extensive experience in the effective support of Temescal systems. More information about the Temescal system products from Ferrotec can be found at