Ferrotec Products

From materials and components to integrated systems, Ferrotec products offer a broad range of solutions for precision processes and products. Select a product family to learn more.

  • Ferrofluid

    Magnetic liquid and super paramagnetic nanoparticle products

  • Ferrofluidic Seals

    Ferrofluidic Seals and Vacuum Feedthroughs

  • Thermoelectric

    TEC thermoelectric modules or Peltier coolers

  • Fabricated Quartz

    Fabricated quartz and advanced material solutions

  • SiFusion

    Pure poly silicon furnaceware

  • Advanced Ceramics

    Advanced ceramic materials including machinable ceramics

  • E-Beam Components

    Electron beam evaporation components and accessories

  • Temescal Systems

    Metallization systems for Compound Semiconductor based substrate

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